Happy Mother’s Day!

 To all the moms out there... my own, moms that are also grandmothers, moms that I've had the pleasure of working with, moms of the babies & kiddos you've seen here, blog reading moms ... Happy Mother's Day - I hope it brought you everything you could ever want and then some. But more importantly, I hope it reminded you that you are priceless ... just like the commercial says. You truly can't put a price on being a mother. Even dads know this. ;) I know this was a special mother's day for me, on so many levels - just look at the goods! ;) - but, aside from all the special treats of today, I got to hear "Happy Mother's Day" from the mouth of my very own "baby" for the first time ever. A complete sentence, just for me. Yet another thing you can't put a price on.