Was today THE day?

I've been waiting. Checking my messages. Checking my e-mail. Wondering. Waiting some more. You see, today was the estimated due date that I shared with a friend of mine. A friend who is also a photographer... also a mom, but that's not where the similarities stop. Her mom used to live here while growing up AND our first-born children are just a few weeks apart. We've known each other for a while just from these small connections. And then had the added fun of sharing a due date with our seconds! (She just knew we were having a girl, btw. :D ) I'm hoping the electronic silence means that her little blessing (another girl :D ) has entered their lives. I can't wait to hear the good news! I figure as long as I'm stalking her blog waiting to see some pics ;) you can too ... check her out @ KelPhotoBlog - send her good vibes while you're there.

I can't wait to hear from you, Kelly! Hang in there... it's all worth it. :D