So much to say… so much to say… so much to say…

There is so much going on here! For those that don't live here and want to check it out, this is how we spent part of our weekend. Okay, so we didn't actually do any of the racing ourselves ;) but we did cheer on the mushers and puppers! And yes, we really do have 'that' much snow on the ground still. But it is spring, I swear! Now for the meat & potatoes here ... today may be St. Patrick's Day, but I'm hoping you'll take a minute to consider St. Baldrick's happening this weekend. For those who may not know much about it, it's a foundation that works to raise funds & awareness to fight & cure children's cancer. It's something that we've been a part of for the past two years and wholeheartedly believe in, knowing how cancer has touched our family alone.

If you'd like to donate, click here to support our local team. We can't all shave our heads ;) or donate our snipping-shearing skills... but we can surely throw a buck in the jar. :D

I was going to share a fun little pic with this post... of say, oh, me and a friend from prom ... ummm... oh gawsh (gulp) I think we're getting close to 15 years ago now! Yikes. So... I did find the picture, but thought, wow - definitely more embarrassing for me than for him! :) It was great to see you guys - Mr. & Mrs. SP - we should have snapped a few recent poses while you were here, but we were having *too* much fun! So it goes. :D Well... maybe if we see you before you head back home, I won't have to post anything pre-2000 ;)

And heck, as long as we're in California ;) how about another Around the World trip?! Here is Michelle's blog, of Michelle Nicoloff Photography (did I spell that right?! :) ). I don't know how Michelle does it - 4 kids, plenty of photo shoots with them, but clients too! And she just seems to find those classic Cali locations that quite possibly make us northerners jealous... quite possibly. ;) Take a look & say hello!