This was my second session with baby Slater - or maybe I should say his 2nd session with me, as he really stole the show (you'll see...). He was so wide-eyed and intrigued by everything around him, including the crazy lady with the lens that seemed to follow his every move. ;)I wanted to get a quick sneak peek out for mom & dad and family (hope you guys made it there safe & sound! *waving hi to the A-J family*). I know they are *SO* excited to see these, and frankly, I am excited to share them! When mom & dad told me, "He is a very curious little guy, in new situations he is very observant before really interacting in it." I just knew these two portraits below were indicative of him and that world of wonder he is a part of right now. And man, those humbling hazel eyes... I can't do them justice! :)





The other thing that is undoubtedly so fun about being able to 'grow' with my families that allow me to come in and document their children and their lives, is the chance I get to see my work in their home. Slater's parents did a beautiful job framing his birth announcement & the 3 square images below. It just came out stunning. R- had such a vision for putting this all together, I just had to share!

ajfamsp-2.jpg ajfamsp-1.jpg



In the meantime... while you wait for a few more 7 month old sneak peeks :D I figure I should share another Around the World glimpse with the fabulous Michelle Wells Photography (her blog is here). Her latest blog entries feature another photographer friend, their kids, and a 7-day old newborn. Michelle does all this OH! and is a mom of six - SIX! Impressive, n'est pas?! (And here's hoping I remember french class, eh ;) )