Just waiting. … “Just” stitches.

I hear a lot of "just" in front of things right now. As in "just waiting, mama" or "just eating" or "just mac-ah-cheeeese". So maybe I need to take that attitude with yesterday's craziness. After-all, they are "just" stitches, right? But ask any mama who's gone through getting stitches for their baby (as in, under 4 - since I imagine getting stitches for a 10 year-old or even a 16 year-old would be a much different experience), and I'm sure she'll tell you it was anything but a "just" experience. *sigh* But we made it!  

So, in the meantime... while we wait for the wound to heal and the stitches to get removed... and while we are just waiting to launch the new website... new products... new goodies and new fun... I'd like to share something a little less traumatic ;)  aka  Sesame Street Podcasts ... if you don't know about them, you MUST check them out! And what's even better, is that you can subscribe directly to them! So the podcasts come to you - now what parent or grandparent doesn't need that?! :)  

And in true podcast fashion... stay tuned! Bookmarks, readers & general check-ins might be helpful. ;)