Don’t Stop…

... thinking about tomorrow - and other deep thoughts. ;) If you are checking this blog for an update... what kind of update would you like? :D Commercial Post Part II should have happened a few days ago... but that was before our baby in the womb with(out?) a view decided that it would be fun to really test the waters. Should I stay or should I go now? Stay tuned for the final decision. I think we're debating playing Let's Make a Deal at this point. (But in all seriousness, this is a good thing. Not only do the best things come to those who wait ;) but a little longer in the oven never hurts.)

Conversations of Interest

  • Daddy| "Oh he's got the butter!"
  • Little Man (running by @ full speed with a tub of butter)| "He's got buttah! He's got da buttah!" (through fits of laughter, of course)

Biz Chatter

  1. Don't forget about this post here if you are a Junior & want to get a head start on your Senior year!
  2. Interested in being a Senior Rep? Drop me a line ASAP!
  3. Some Senior Peek Pics just for fun |






Baby Bundles Still need more baby news? A guilt pleasure or two can't hurt: celebrity baby blog & celebrity baby news.

That should help pass the time... right? ;)


And THANK YOU to the teaching staff for our wonderful double shower! We loved it and are so very grateful for your warmth, kindness & generosity at having more babies in the building. :D We can't wait either!