We’ve got a love thang.

When I asked Ms. 'manda, as my baby refers to her ;), what she hoped to see, what she hoped the kids would see, when looking back at these images, she simply stated: "I guess I'd hope that what comes through most clearly in the photos is how much the kids truly enjoy each other and how excited the older kids are to have their baby sister.  (The older two) are really like twins in a lot of ways - they are extremely close and love to play together."                

So quite naturally, I have some out-takes of jumping on the bed and good ole 'almost twins' horsing around in addition to the sneak peeks below.These two were more than excited about their new baby sister. She is clearly a huge part of their world. They fluttered between showing me their new bedrooms and playroom, with typical we'll be five soon enthusiasm, and sitting next to their baby sister, helping her feel more comfortable, calming her with their presence. It's hard not to feel their love & energy come through.  


       babymfamily3.jpg babymfamily-2.jpg babymfamily-1.jpg