Gearing up… and Stealing Time.

As I gear up for the *official* launch of the website and blog and well, new beginnings, I wanted to chat a bit about the upcoming months. First off, there is no down time! heehee ;)  Keep checking in for specials, the last few sessions before I head out for maternity leave and an Around the World in 80days (or thereabout ;) ) showcase of some photographers I think you should check out.   

Here's the fun part - living where we live, we know people everywhere, don't we?! There is an immense amount of talent that stretches into this world, talent worth seeing... and talking about... and passing on to your family & friends in other areas who just might be looking for a photographer of their own. Everything happens for a reason.

 Without further chatter... stop in and check out Sheila Higgins Photography and see her vision of Stealing Time out in beautiful Australia.  Scroll down a few & you'll see the very graceful, flowing henna belly shots - I think I need her to come take some shots of me like that! Although we could swap out the snake for some snow... or maybe sled dogs?  See more of her work here @ her Brisbane family photographer website. Stay tuned for more updates & photographers to follow... I have a few openings in March & one or two for newborns in April, otherwise it's time to think about booking for the limited sessions that will open up in June. 

Now go out & enjoy this sunshine!