No one gets left behind.

Anyone else Lost? ;) heheI really can't believe it. February is just around the corner... and so are A LOT of new things. Even if I started listing everything right now, right here, I know I'd forget a few things or run out of room (eventually)! Birthdays, photography, life - all rolled into one. Not just for me, for a few others I know too... well, not "lost" others, but other-others ;) I hope what's in store for us, for you, is just as fun as what Renee O. of Vibe has going on over here. Who knows, maybe I have something wild-n-crazy up my sleeve with her too...? Ha! You'll have to stay tuned for that one. And seriously, the title... don't get left behind ;) there will be some announcements and some changes and I don't want to leave you in the dust! New site launches are fun, aren't they? Things that make you go... hmmmm... ... if you're thinking about setting up a spring/summer session, there's no better time... booking for March already.

And if this looks like fun... stay tuned... maybe we can have some Senior Session BFF specials up for grabs??? :)