Partnerships, Birthdays & Pics - Oh MY!

If you could physically do a little shimmy-shake in a post, now's the time! :) For those who have been waiting, my partnership agreement with Metro Baby Cards is in play! If you don't know what or who this is, please check her out: ... Christina is one of the top in her field, creating one of a kind birth announcements, in addition to birthday cards, thank you cards and baptism invites ... "modern birth announcements for the metro baby". Her work is fabulous and I am so excited to join forces with her to produce one of a kind announcements and cards that will be cherished for a lifetime. There is just nothing else like them. Stay tuned to see some samples in the near future.

And, speaking of 'announcements', it was today... only 16 short years ago, that my handsome, musically-inclined, talented-beyond-talented, sarcastically funny nephew entered this world. I'd like to say my violin skills and *maybe* artistic hopes & dreams inspired him... but alas, he's just that cool & marvelous all on his own. Happy Birthday NG!
(License to drive, coming soon to a highway near you!)

And what's a post without a few pictures to show off?! Sans snow, of course. ;)
(And check out the kickin' watermark ala Ashley...