It's been a few days... but who's counting?

It's hard to fully understand how FAST these days go by... until I look at the last post date (whoops). But I have good excuses really! :) You know that website that I mentioned before? Well, there's a good chunk of time. And then I have sessions & proofing on top of that. More time. And then dealing with regular day-to-day stuff (household chores, shopping, start of the new school year). AND being a mom & having a separate part time job from all of this. See, all good reasons. :) I'm not busy in the least. So here's a few more from the last session to get by... apparently I didn't include "all" of the cute ones. Haha (There were too many to choose from - not my fault!) And more info about the website & a new partnership & new products and, and, and... all coming soon to a blog near you!

And don't forget, right now sessions are discounted at an introductory rate... so don't let that pass you by. And dare I say it? The holiday season will be here before we know it... time to start planning. :)

Okay... now for those images I promised: