11 months & TOO much fun!

Two mamas born on the same day, separated by the midnight hour... now with boys in tow. We couldn't be luckier. :)Our session was so much fun! Jackson is one of those kids with a million and one different expressions that he'll flash your way at any given second. There are so many images that, I believe, really reflect him as he hurries toward 11 months, on his way to the world of toddlers. He wants to jump in with both feet, no doubt. :) Take this image for example - urban? modern? rustic with a flare? Regardless, that pose - ALL him; crossed leg-n-all. I love it! And then there's the perplexed, who are you staring at me through this weird contraption? Not to be outdone by the following (kind of like a "choose your own adventure" episode): would you pick... a) the Easter Bunny & Santa have now entered the room OR b) mama said she'll be right back, hang tight. He was a joy, thanks Steph! xoxo