Two Summer Must Haves | Camas Washougal Senior Photographer

As temps begin to heat up again this week, I wanted to share two summer must haves with you. 

1. Skin Trip Moisturizer - Mountain Ocean's original (coconut) formula. <---- There's the site & here's the amazon link. Seriously. Best stuff evah. 

2. Aloe Vera. Anywhere, any kind. Keep it in the fridge. Nothing replaces cool aloe vera gel after a summer day out at the beach or lounging at the pool


It is what it is. Tips to keep summer on the up and up.

What are your summer must haves? 

Lauren - Camas Senior Photos - Catching Joy

Reading what Lauren's mom wrote about what they wanted for her Senior Photoshoot is exactly what gives me goosebumps and pride in what I do. When I asked them what is most important to them about their Senior Session, she said quite simply: 

that this catches the joy she has experienced in high school
Marching Band, Track & XC = loving every minute of Senior Year - fall to spring! 

Marching Band, Track & XC = loving every minute of Senior Year - fall to spring! 


And so we jumped from there, from that one little starting point, and attempted to catch all the joy, all the happiness, and all the fun she would experience as a Senior. 

Lauren's mom loves her smile.

Lauren's dad loves her kindness and determined nature.


Lauren is proud of her work ethic and sees her strengths as being hardworking and determined. 



It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses, we must plant more roses.
— George Eliot

She's traveling a very cool road. I can't wait to see where she ends up!